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Who Were the Travelers

Meet the Travelers

Meet the Cast of Characters

Our Tour Group

This is our tour group on a rainy day in Seguret waiting for a baker to finish baking some fresh bread. It smelled too good to pass up. Among our group of vagabond travelers, many had done a number of Rick Steves tours before this one. Some of us, including me, were novices. This was my first tour and it did not disappoint! There were 26 of us, plus an amazing tour guide who led us through the entire tour, local guides with expertise in certain locations and a conscientious and knowledgeable driver that never got us lost. Many of us were retired, but among us, a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer, a researcher, a teacher, a navy photographer, a medical imaging consultant, some technology experts, and a pharmaceutical rep. Pretty well-rounded groups, and more importantly, a bunch of very nice people.    

Meet the Tour Company

Meet the Tour Company

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to tour companies. I read reviews and talked to people about their travel experiences before making my decision. I was drawn to Rick Steves Europe after watching his programs on PBS for many years and watching his

Monday night travel episodes every evening for a month. I felt that he offered a large selection of destinations and the information on his website was very organized and easy to navigate. The tours looked safe, comfortable, educational and most of all, FUN! I knew I made the right decision on the first night when I met the group and so many of them said they had done multiiple Rick Steves tours before. Repeat customers speak volumes about a business. So happy with my choice!

Tour company for eastern France trip was Rick Steves Europe
Two travelers on a trip to eastern France

Meet Us

Cindy & Sara

This my travel companion and me. My friend and neighbor, Sara, is on the right. I'm on the left. We both had visited Europe before and had seen a little bit of France, but nothing like what we saw on this epic weeks-long trip! To say it was fun is such an understatement. We will never forget it! This picture was taken near the Eiffel Tower the day after we arrived in France. 

Meet Us
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